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About Us

FairieMor was founded in August 2017, a new instant food brand which was born in internet and focuses on new types of instant food, such as Self-Heating Hot Pot, Self-Heating Rice with Cooked Food, and next generation of Instant Noodles. Combined with the ultimate pursuit of flavor and the visual design that satisfy the younger generation, FairieMor has proudly become the TOP brand in internet.


As a trendy instant food brand set up for young people, Fairie Mor has the unique concepts on consumption methods, healthier and diversified ingredients, by combining the cutting-edge design. It has enlightened more people from the traditional instant food impression to be indulged by the new style of FairieMor instant food. More and more young people are becoming the followers of FairieMor for those domestic specialties which they have been growing with. 


FairieMor is continuing to pursue the best but cost-effective instant food by staying on the original vision.


Devoted to create the vibe with easy-to-make tasty and healthy food

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